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Tourist Information >> How to get here

There are three main routes to visti Paleochora:


The first one is Chania - Tavronitis node - Voukolies - Kandanos - Paleochora which is the shortest and the easiest route. It is approximately 75 km long. The visitor can admire orange groves along the way as well as the gorges of Mesavlia and Kandanos from high above.


The second route of approximately 85 km is Chania - Kolimbari - Kissamos - Topolia - Strovles - Fterolakos - Plemeniana - Paleochora or Fterolakos - Sarakina - Voutas - Paleochora. In this route, the visitor will go through luxuriant vegetation and see Topolia Gorge, then go through a small tunel and further down he/she can make a stop and visit the beautiful cave just 200m from the road as well as St. Sofia's Church. The route goes on through the luxuriant vegetation of Katsomatados village with many chestnuts. Ariiving at Strovles village, one can come to Paleochora via Plemeniana or via Sarakina or via Vouta - all three routes are beautiful, the shortest one being via Plemeniana.


The third route one can choose from Chania to Paleochora is Chania - Alikianos - Lakoi - Omalos - Agia Irini or Chania - Alikianos - Sebronas - Agia Irini - Temenia - Paleochora. The fisrt one is 100 km long, very beautiful, and goes through Omalos plateau. The visitor can admire  και ο επισκέπτης έχει να θαυμάσει dells and cypresses, as well as a very wild vegetation. The second route is Prasse - Sembrona, Agia Irini and Temenia village where there is a spring with healing water. The third route is through Zourva gorge, as well as Agia Irini gorge, that leads to Sougia and can be visited.

You xan download a detailed map of Chania Prefecture by clicking here.


Driving from Chania Airport



(See attached map above)

Shortly after leaving the airport, follow the main road to the left, and then make a right (1) towards Chania after 2 km. (watch for the priority signs!). Before reaching the village of Pithari, 3.5. km. farther along, turn left (2) towards Souda and follow the road with a view of the harbor until you reach after 5,5 km the Souda-Chania main road (traffic-light, INKA super-market (3). Turn right, direction Chania, and go another 100m to a large intersection, where you will turn left. 1 km. farther along you will find the junction joining the motorway - turn right (4), direction Kissamos-Kastelli. After 25 km you will find the exit Paleohora/Tavronitis. There, turn right for Paleohora. You will be traveling on the main road via Voukolies, Dromonero, Kakopetros, Floria, Kandanos, Plemeniana, Vlithia and Kalamos, and reaching Paleohora after 62 km.

If you wish to visit Chania, continue straight at point (2) - after 2.5 km. you will reach a T-junction (5) with traffic lights. Turn left and follow the road approximately 3.5 km. into the city centre with its indoor market. If you want to continue driving, carry on towards Kastelli (Kissamos). After approximately 2 km, turn left at the main intersection with traffic lights (7) towards Omalos. After 1 km., turn right onto the highway (8) towards Kastelli (Kissamos) and follow the directions given previously.


By bus

You can come to Paleochora by bus, using the public regular bus service of KTEL. You can find more information at: http://bus-service-crete-ktel.com